No Rattlesnakes were used in the manufacuring of this product :-) 

Prime cuts of silverside beef marinated in Unique spices.  Great tasting beef strips for the whole family. These sticks of beef are  thin with little to no fat and medium dried. This product has a unique is inbetween Beef Stokkies/Biltong & Beef Chilli Bites.  It is not hot like a chilli bite.  Great flavour and excellent with a ice cold beer.

250 g "Rattlesnake" Beef Strips

SKU: 0004

  • If you do not consume your biltong/stokkies or droewors within a few days of purchase, please ensure that the product is placed in a freezer or fridge to extend its shelf life.

    Although our biltong comes in Bio degradable brown bags, they are lined to prevent moisture loss and helps to keep the product fresher for longer. 

    Here is a useful link on how to guide and help you store your biltong