Stokkies (meaning “little sticks”) are thin strips of our famous traditional beef Biltong. As they’re thinner, they dry out quicker and become chewier. You eat them by holding it in your hand and knawing in front of the TV. As a general rule, if you like dry biltong, you’ll love Stokkies.

250 g Black Bull Beef Strips or Stokkies

SKU: 0005

  • If you do not consume your biltong/stokkies or droewors within a few days of purchase, please ensure that the product is placed in a freezer or fridge to extend its shelf life.

    Although our biltong comes in Bio degradable brown bags, they are lined to prevent moisture loss and helps to keep the product fresher for longer. 

    Here is a useful link on how to guide and help you store your biltong